Doming Process

Our doming process gives our “Photo Quality” products a highly professional 3-dimensional look in any shape and size without setup, die or color charges. Custom shape domed products are sold by Square Inch. (Ex: PMM1-1 is for imprint dimensions up to 1 Sq. In.; PMM1-2 is for imprint dimensions from 1.1 to 2 Sq. In.)



“Our specialized doming techniques provide multiple domed finishing options which include single sided, double sided and transparent effects. See this section for a video displaying the differences.”



Single sided domed imprints:

Single sided domed imprints are available with full color photo quality imprint with backside being white and non-domed or our translucent effect which is printed on transparent media which displays the front imprint in a mirror image when viewed from the backside.


Double sided domed imprints:

Double sided domed imprints are available with separate full color photo quality imprint on both sides of the product or with a single translucent imprint captured between two domed layers.


Domed Imprints Never Fade